Abstract Do Attract.

Being outstanding takes a lot of courage. Sometimes you don’t want to flow with the wave, or follow the crowd, but to standout; being different is where you find fulfillment.

Yes, it is good to follow the steps of success that many have paved, but it’s a journey you will have to experience by yourself; nobody can do this for you, you only learn from others experience. There are lessons to learn, failures to conquer, it isn’t exact for everybody.

A song writer once said “We walk the same path, but got on different shoes. Live in the same building, but we got different views.” That’s some Drizzy flow by the way 😂.

What’s the essence of this post? I probably must have forgotten. Oh! ok, this is it: Create value for yourself, dare to dream – and when you dream, dream big.

  • Do you want to stand out?
  • Do things differently?
  • Name that business, brand or product differently?

Then create your World, and then you create your Word. Abstract do Attract.

That’s why DomainCoiner is your plug to get Domain Names creatively coined to catch your audience at first site. It’s more than an infatuation😂.

Here are some few catchy names coined for your pleasure, be it business, brands or blogs.

All kuggies and snuggies 🤗

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